Chinese horoscope Goat

You need to be more direct, do not give many turns to things. This year you will have very good opportunities, not waste it.You have to learn to accept your flaws and try to correct them. Do not live always looking to please the rest of you say no, think about yourself and learn to be more independent. Do not be overcome by your fears or insecurities, making your own decisions based on your experience.



In love, you'll have a very good year, if you are single it will be your greatest support and even marriage plantearás you. You have to put aside the flaws of your partner and dwelling on their virtues, you know that many, accept your partner for what it is and do not put any conditions on love.If you are single try to be more seductive and less calculating.Earlier this year will be a time of stress, can be sad because a discussion, try to get clear of the problem and come out with your friends to unwind, you're not good all the time circling the same theme.May this month if you are single or you find love reencontrarás with a past love. If you partner is a very good time, your relationship will get better and going to iron out differences that you were able to have.Summer, is in this season when your relationship is consolidated. Be calm, the rush is not good, you have plenty of time to know you well, not wanting to get bogged down by it all already.New Year, good time if you are single, you are very passionate and will be the focus of many eyes, you will have many candidates. If you are single, beware of jealousy.



You may experience a period of adjustment at work, adapt cost you, but you have to do it or you lose it, and it is the best time to stay unemployed. If you can adapt you get a better jobs. Try to be more open and listen to the ideas of others.



This year you will be better off than last year. You will not have problems with money. In business, you have no cold and neglect, do not believe everything you sell.